Pastors Brenton & Melissa A. Peters

Pastor Brenton and Pastor Melissa are both ordained elders in the Church of the Nazarene and Co-Pastors of ReImagine Church of Nazarene.   Both answered their own individual “Call” to ministry at a young age. After years of dedicated service in the house of God and to the people of God, Pastor Brenton and Pastor Melissa were tapped by the Senior Pastor of their childhood church to create, develop and lead the Young Adult Ministry.  After devoting five incredible years to the Young Adult ministry, Pastor Brenton and Pastor Melissa answered “the Call of God” to establish ReImagine Church of the Nazarene.  ReImagine is a family of believers desiring to walk in TRUE accountability and fellowship with each other.  Recognizing that we are all Called to Love, Called to Serve, and Called to Act in our everyday lives.